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thee birds

Posted by Sara on August 27, 2008

vic n al

vic n al

These two chaps were adopted from a lovely lady called Pat. They are both about 8 years old and are called Vic and Al. They love listening to marc almond but freak at the sound of police sirens.


that's right sunshine, we're in charge

3 Responses to “thee birds”

  1. jiangryudo said

    They’re so cute! I’ll have to come up to Brighton and meet them sometime! 🙂

  2. theenook said

    fanks u gg ! you are always welcome !

  3. jiangryudo said

    🙂 Thanks Dan dan, I’ll definatley have to come up and see you soon! Maybe you can check out my blog sometime? It’s primarily an art blog ( http://jiangryudo.wordpress.com/ )

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