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Bring Back Classic Horror to Television

Posted by Sara on November 12, 2010

The Bring Classic Horror Back to Television Alliance is a Brighton-based  campaign, fronted by UK Scream Queen Emily Booth and currently supported by various celebrities including Jeremy Dyson, Andy Nyman (Ghost Stories), Reese Shearsmith (League of Gentlemen), actress Eileen Daly, best-selling author David Moody and Hammer Horror stalwarts Shane Briant and Caroline Munro.

They aim to keep building awareness of this campaign through various magazines, film festivals and a series of events and classic horror film screenings starting in Brighton.

“In a world where television has become so bland it is now impossible to find any of the classic old horror films being screened anywhere, even on the BBC. Back in the 70’s and 80’s BBC2 ran a popular season of Saturday night Horror Double Bills every summer, which was a showcase for all the best in classic horror as well as some more obscure cult movies. Kids and parents alike looked forward to these iconic screenings every weekend and many of today’s top horror writers, actors and producers have claimed to have been inspired by these Horror Double Bills.Our aim is to bring back these classic horror double bills to the BBC so that these iconic movie moments can be shared and appreciated by a whole new generation.”

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9 Responses to “Bring Back Classic Horror to Television”

  1. They don’t even show many of the old universal horror classics on Sky Tv. Perhaps they shy away from old black and white movies.

  2. Sara said

    Hi Gary, it seems the more channels on TV the fewer good films get shown, though personally I think things can look a lot scarier filmed in B&W. Thanks for the comment, I love your web page by the way and have added a link to it here and on my other blog, take care, sara.

  3. Thanks for supporting the Classic Horror Campaign!

    The more signatures we can get, the better!


  4. Sara said

    I’ve added my signature, it’s a very good cause – fingers crossed for some decent horror on the telly this christmas!

  5. Sara said

    oh my – just had a look and my signature is number 1313 on the list, hope I haven’t jinxed myself…

  6. LOL Don’t worry Sara – 13 is a lucky number for horror fans!!!

  7. Sara said

    I’ve just posted a link to your campaign over at the Vault of Evil – not sure if you know it but it looks full of stuff you’d like…


    Vault of Evil

  8. Thanks Sara!!

  9. Paul said

    Dracula Prince of darkness from 1966 was a great horror. One of my favourites, very bloody but great!

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