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New Look, New Blog

Posted by Sara on September 20, 2009

Inspired by the brilliant Dave Avenue’s fab new look earlier ths summer, I thought it was time to spruce up these pages with a change a theme. I might not have the computer know-how to do too much exciting but thankfully with WordPress a change of image can be just a click of a button away. There’s been a few teething problems – not least gettng the photos to fit and the font a decent size (what is it about me and wordpress – I’m always fighting with their inflexible fonts) and after a few trial runs I’ve decided to settle on this one – so goodbye Quentin and hello Andreas 09…for now.

Though that’s not the end of the road for my beloved Quentin theme as I have recycled him into a new blog about one of my guilty pleasures – vintage gothic romance. So for the teensy tiny minority of you who might be interested in this forgotten literary genre you can read and drool over it at: My Love-Haunted Heart.


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