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Woodvale Cemetery

Posted by Sara on February 3, 2012

A while back, I was lucky to attend a fascinating talk on Death and Mourning in the Victorian era, hosted by Sarah Tobias at the beautiful Extra-Mural Gothic Chapel in Woodvale Cemetery.

The good news is that Sarah has contacted me to say more of these tours are planned for the upcoming year, with a Cemetery walk on July 1st 2012 and the Victorian Death & Mourning tour taking place as part of the Brighton Festival on Bank Holiday Monday 7th May and Saturday 19th May 2012.

I can’t recommend these enough; the cemetery is a beautiful Brighton landmark worth exploring in its own right and Sarah’s talks bring the history of this place to life in such a fun and evocative way.

For more information please visit her website, Sarah’s Events, which is updated regularly and full of other exciting events, including an intriguingly sounding ‘Hidden House’ tour going behind the scenes at Preston Manor.

 Sarah’s Website can be found here: Sarah’s Events

The not so good news is that she has also informed me that The Centre for Community Engagement at Sussex University is being closed down with the loss of 231 associate lecturers plus all other staff.

This centre offers part-time and flexible learning for people from all walks of life and it would be such a sad loss to the community if it was to go. Please sign the petition to keep it open! The petition can be signed HERE (and is also accessible through Sarah’s web page).

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The Sewer Tour

Posted by Sara on November 14, 2008


tunnel4On Saturday 27th September we went on a tour of the Victorian sewerage system of Brighton, organised by Southern Water. At 11am we met under the Palace Pier, outside Arch 260 and the group of about 15 of us were led into a small room where we were issued with passes, hard hats and gloves. After a short talk and video the tour started. We were led through a small underground tunnel into the first of the sewer chambers. The smell takes some getting used to – though as the 11am group we were told we had gotten off lightly and it was the 9am group who had suffered the full brunt of the Friday night / Saturday morning sewage aroma special. The sewers date back to the 1870’s and the architecture is amazing, comprising of cavernous underground brick work tunnels intercepted by chambers of various sizes. We were led deeper and deeper underground past rushing storm waters and through sewer shafts, some of which had been tagged by a well known Brazilian graffiti artist. After about an hour we climbed up a ladder to emerge above ground in the Old Steine. The guides were knowledgeable and informative and the sewers themselves are remarkable examples of engineering. For all you lovers of everything subterranean, Victorian and Gothic this is definitely a tour worth doing. For more information go to www.southernwater.co.uk


Bricked up tunnel

Bricked up tunnel


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The Station Tour

Posted by Sara on August 24, 2008

The station tour

Brighton station tunnel

Brighton station tunnel

On Sunday July 27th we went on a tour of Brighton Station as part of the Fabrica Hidden Architecture event. Fabrica is a visual arts organisation based in a former Regency church in the heart of Brighton, for more information check out http://www.fabrica.org.uk

The tour was free and we met up outside Brighton station for 12pm. Our tour guide was Jackie Marsh Hobbs. We were led through the station to the office space located above the ticket office to the front of the station. After a talk on the history of the station we were led around to the entrance on Trafalgar Street which leads to a tunnel that now runs under the station. We entered through the large wooden doors, seen opposite the Prince Albert pub, into a tunnel which runs through to the end of platform eight. It has a cobbled floor and lies directly below the train tracks. A train was waiting directly above us and as it left the platform we could follow its progress by the changing lights through the gaps in the ceiling above.

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