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bits and pieces on Brighton and thee beyond…..


michaelThere’s me, Sara, and my other half, Dan, and Dominic writes the poems. We’re based in Brighton and Thee Nook is named after  an imaginary place; a place ‘dark, dusty and half lost, reeking of strange things brought in from the seas.’

And for some all-original fiction, check out our sister blog Shadows Time –  which is where we keep the stories.

8 Responses to “About”

  1. Rob Marks said

    I would like to thank you for the excellent review you gave my ghost walk. Furthermore, I am delighted that you all enjoyed the show. Every bit of publicity is important to me right now as The Ghost Walk of the Lanes is still in its infancy. I will shortly be starting an evening of ghostly tales by candlelight in the haunted upstairs room at Northern Lights in Little East street. I have fixed a tentative date for Wednesday 8th April. If any of you are able to come along I would be delighted to have your company.

    Kind regards,

    Rob Marks

  2. theenook said

    Thanks for the update, We really enjoyed the ghost walk and Northern Lights would be a great location for something like this, we’ll definitely try to make it!

  3. Thanks for reading my story on my blog and for writing such a nice comment. If you are looking for anything else to post on your blog, I have more stories and some prose poems.

  4. theenook said

    Thank you – I thought Buzz was beautifully written, very evocative, I was getting frosty just reading it! And Forecast is a wonderfully dark twisted tale….

  5. Thank you for your great comments about The Haunting Of Hill House. I’m very glad that you enjoyed it and appreciated our efforts in presenting the production.

    Steven Adams

  6. theenook said

    Well I thought the adaptation was brilliant and really captured the atmosphere of psychological terror that made the book so good. The only downside was that it was only showing for a week!

  7. Lux said

    Thanks for metioning my jewellery site – glad you liked your bracelet!
    Lux x

  8. theenook said

    I love my bracelet! I wear it nearly every day and always get comments. I love charm bracelets and this one is so unique and beautifully made!

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