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Barkingham Palace

Posted by Sara on May 27, 2009


At last – a bank we can all respect. While out wandering around deepest darkest Hove I stumbled upon the world famous Nat Westie Charity Bank. Defying credit crunchers (and town conservation planners as well by the looks of things) this oasis of  West Highland wonderment is home to some rather pampered pooches who are the inspiration behind a charity project that collects for a different animal charity each month through some rather ingenious collection tubes running down from the front of their home.


So if you are ever in the Tisbury Road area make sure you pay a visit to Barkingham Palace and donate your cash to help  some very good causes. To date these amazing canines have collected over £2700 for 32 different  animal charities. There are even some leaflets left outside with added info on how much they’ve collected and for who, if you want to know more. This months charity is the Rabbit Welfare Association Fund in Horsham and next month they will be collecting for the Great Dane Adoption Society. Fantastic.


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Posted by Sara on April 7, 2009

Woken by the ringing bell

the canine barks and haunts the door

upon realising it’s not for him

he falls asleep upon the floor.

by Dominic.


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