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Modern Art

Posted by Sara on February 7, 2010

Somewhere in an alley in Preston street.

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Dockerills Car Park Regent Street

Posted by Sara on January 13, 2010

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Shadows of Time

Posted by Sara on August 24, 2009


No – it’s not yet another plug for my story blog (I’m leaving that for the next post), just that I’ve noticed these around town and could not help taking a photo or two. I have no idea who is responsible or why, but I find them strangely beautiful and look forward to stumbling across more.

byebyebicycleThinking about Time and Shadows while playing the google game, I came across a great interactive piece of shadow play, created by the West Sussex Grid for Learning, which is worth a go just for the disturbingly eerie sound effects. It’s called Shadows of Time and of course I love the name – well I would wouldn’t I?!

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Back of the Car park

Posted by Sara on August 20, 2009


Somewhere round the back of the car park in King Pl.




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Tales from the Seaside

Posted by Sara on August 12, 2009


Nice to see neglected buildings put to good use – as in the case of the old music library in Church St which is now home to¬† the Prescription Art Gallery and its rather fabulous exhibition of Street Art. Spread out over three storeys in this splendidly dilapidated listed building, the exhibition features artwork by over 25 artists from around the globe. From monumental monopoly boards to basement Madonna’s and scary wooden robots this is an amazing collection of artwork.

robotI loved this and cannot recommend it enough – there is something about the combination of crumbly mansions and cutting edge creativity that always manages to warm the cockles of my heart and as we speak I am scrimping and saving my pennies so I can buy one of their gorgeous canvases – failing that I guess I’ll settle for one of the brilliant books or bargain prints on offer.

heavy artillery

And if that isn’t enough spray can splendiferousness for you, an exibition of local grafitti legends Heavy Artillery will be opening upstairs in the gallery from Wednesday 12th August, featuring special screenings of the film that followed the creation of their work in Kensington St. For more info go visit Prescription Art.

god is what

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