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The Green Tomato

Posted by Sara on July 8, 2009

03.07.2009 The Green Tomato, 100 Western Road, Brighton.

greentomatoThe Green Tomato describes itself as a Deli cafe, with a range of fresh made sandwiches, baguettes and wraps to eat in or take away, as well as some delicious sounding and reasonably priced salads and specials- and the Hot Chicken Salad with chicken, mixed leaves, tomato, cucumber, olives and french dressing for £3.95 looked particularly scrumptous. They also serve a range of All Day Breakfasts which of course is why we are here. I ordered the Veg (2 sausages, 2 eggs, 2 hash browns, tomato, mushrooms, beans and toast) and D the Big One ( 2 eggs, 2 bacon, sausage, beans, 2 hash browns a choice of tomato or mushrooms and toast) both cost £4.95 and drinks are extra.

While waiting for the food we have a chance to check out the interior. The Green Tomato has a fresh contemporary feel with comfy black leatherette seating contrasting nicely with the pastel mauve and mint green walls. Reading material on offer includes a selection of red top tabloids and freebie local magazines and newsletters. Madonna’s greatest hits are playing in the background (Vogue,  Justify my Love etc) which is always a good thing in my book. Service is friendly and  efficient. Drinks arrive quick and the coffee is delicious and hot – served in a big round mug with extra nooky bonus points awarded for using fairtrade sugar.

captainamericameatyBreakfast is good too – it’s served piping hot on warmed plates and tastes as good as it looks. Eggs are served sunny side up and the veggie sausages, while not at all sausage like, were particularly nice. D appreciated the hash browns, an unusual addition in most meaty breakfasts, and overall said this was one of his best. Toast was of the thick white doorsteppy variety. As you can see from the photos, portions were good and generous, making this an all round breakfast experience we definitely will be coming back to repeat.


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Pause Cafe

Posted by Sara on June 7, 2009

30/05/2009 Pause Cafe, New England Rd, Brighton.

frontalpausePause specialises in all day breakfasts, hot and cold snacks and tasty lunch time specials – just the place to feed our faces and a welcome oasis of eateries at the end of a busy morning spent shopping along London Road.

It’s a glorious sunny afternoon and there is plenty of seating outside for those who prefer their breakfasts alfresco. Inside has an upmarket coffee bar feel with free Wi-Fi, modern diner style stools along the walls and big brown leather sofas complementing the bright yellow interior.

There are a variety of breakfasts  to choose from, including Eastern, Continental and an intriguing sounding Ritzy breakfast but I stuck with the good old Veggie – egg, beans, mushrooms, veggie sausage and two slices of toast at £6.95 with a choice of fruit juice and coffee included. Dan had the Traditional; comprising of rasher, egg, sausage, tomato, mushroom and toast- again at £6.95 with tea or coffee and a glass of juice included in the price.


If you don’t fancy breakfast there are plenty of wraps, snacks and goodies  on offer with a nice choice of  herbal teas and healthy options for those of you watching your waistlines. Daily lunch specials  include curry, stir fry and Moussaka and on today’s menu was Prawn and avocado wrap with seafood sauce and salad for £5.25 and Spicy lamb kebab wrap with cucumber raita and salad for £5.25.

veggie pause

veggie pause

Breakfast soon arrives and is very good. The food was piping hot and eggs were cooked nice and medium. Dan thought his sausages were a little skinny but nicely flavoured all the same as was the bacon, which  tasted like it was cooked as you would at home under the grill – nice and pink with a crispy rind . Condiments were top name brands. The fruit juice was a particularly appreciated and with drinks included  in the price this made for a very good value breakfast by Brighton standards.

meaty pause

meaty pause

Pause describe themselves as stylish and friendly and though this is only our first visit here, we would have to agree. The food’s not half bad either and they also do take away. For more info check out their web page: Pause Cafe.

After Breakfast it’s always worth popping across the road to Paul Bruton’s Army Surplus store – a cornucopia of everything Army and Navy. Today’s bargain buy- a pair of industrial (and no doubt acid resistant) rubber gloves for only 50p.

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Harry’s English Restaurant

Posted by Sara on May 25, 2009

22.05.2009 Harry’s English Restaurant, Church Street Hove.

With the word restaurant in it’s name we may be moving a tad too upmarket for a decent fry up – but fear not, this is Hove after all and Harry’s English Restaurant has been earning a reputation for serving up great British breakfasts since the 90’s. Established in 1990 Harry’s is a family run business that specialises in wholesome traditional grub, using locally sourced ingredients and renowned for their generous portions. There is an array of breakfasts on offer, including porridge, pancakes and posh salmon as well as the traditional fry up and breakfast is served up till 4pm. If you don’t fancy breakfast there are also a range of light meals, main meals and delicious desserts – specials of the day when we visited included Homemade Cottage Pie and Grilled Crayfish with Avocado salad. They are licensed too with a range of beers and wines on offer.

inside harrys

But what about the breakfast? I ordered the Veggie – two eggs, mushrooms, grilled tomatoes, beans, fried slice, hash browns and toast (£6.80) and Dan ordered the Greedy – which is a traditional breakfast of bacon, egg, pork & sage sausage, mushrooms, tomatoes (or beans) and toast with extra black pudding and fried slice (£7.60). Coffee or tea is included in the price and allegedly includes one top up – though we’ve been here twice now and that’s not happened so, unlike in the good Ol’ US of A, I suspect the traditional English top up is one you need to make a point of asking for.


The food soon arrives and is attractively laid out on big china plates. The portions, though not humongous, are fair sized and though you only get one slice of toast, the brown bread at least is of door stopper proportions. The eggs were cooked perfect and looked a treat as did the mushrooms. The fried slice was deliciously deadly as it always is and my only quibble is I would have preferred proper hash browns. Dan particularly liked the bacon and the generous slice of black pudding; this being the greedy breakfast he would have also preferred another slice of toast. All in all we both agreed the food was of high quality. Condiments on offer were top name brands.

harry's veggie

There is a nice relaxed ambience helped along by Blondie, the Buggles and David Bowie playing in the background and we were seated in a lovely sunny position just by the window. The inside is simple and tasteful; aqua marine walls combined with bare wooden floors to create an unpretentious relaxed family feel. For those who like a bit of visual stimulation while they eat, the high ceilings and collection of Art Deco mirrors provide  points of interest. Toilets are ok and come complete with baby changing facilities. Understandably this place can get very busy over lunch times so be warned but if you are ever in need of a breakfast in Hove we would definitely recommend this one. For more information on Harry’s and to check out their menu – click HERE.

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The Rock Ola

Posted by Sara on March 29, 2009

28.03.2009 Rock Ola Cafe, Tidy Street, Brighton.

roknroll1 This is our third visit to this café in the last year and it never disappoints. The Rock Ola café is a family run affair tucked away on Tidy street , just round the back of the North Laines . As you’d expect from the name, there is a distinct 50’s flair to the interior; from the retro ‘Diner Style’ Formica tables with pastel pink and blue leatherette stools to the beautiful old juke box that still works and is free to use.

rocintThe brightly painted walls are a treasure trove of Rock’n’Roll memorabilia and assorted oddments, including a framed screengrab of PJ Proby and a signed Kate Bush album, rather incongruously positioned on a wall covered by Beatle portraits and a Sergeant Pepper poster; though on reflection the thematic mismatch of Bush and Celine Dion, mixed in with Buddy Holly and Elvis, makes the place more genuine than most 50’s diners you get.

insideroc I ordered the Vegetarian Breakfast, an all day affair comprising of egg, veggie burger (or veggie bacon) hash browns (or fries) tomato (or beans) sausage and toast, at £4.95. D had the All Day American; a transatlantic combination of sweet and savoury with 2x egg, 2x bacon, sausage, 2 pattie burgers, tomato and buttermilk pancakes with maple syrup, all for £5.95. We also opted for an extra side order of cheesy chips.

rockolamerican Service is friendly and though the food takes a little while to show, it’s good to know it’s  freshly cooked.  Breakfast looks good, perfectly presented on multi-coloured plates; piping hot and delicious. The hash browns let the side down a bit, as they obviously came out of a packet but they tasted ok and the eggs were cooked perfect. Toast was just how I like it; chunky, white and dripping in butter.The cheesy chips were a treat too. Thick and hot and smothered in luscious dripping cheddar.

rockveggieAs well as Breakfasts served all day, including a Vegan option, Rock Ola offers a variety of sandwiches, sweets and lunchtime treats. Specials today were Soup of the Day with bread and butter for £3.50 and Chicken casserole with potatoes and veg for £5.95. Drinks are all the usual, including a yummy range of milk shakes and the special homemade pink lemonade, which is delicious.

There is constant supply of some great rock and roll adding to the ambience. One other cool thing about this place is you don’t even need to leave to get to the best of Brighton’s record / book stores, as there’s a doorway, aptly called Rock ‘n’ Roll Alley, to the left of the seating area, that leads you straight to The Singles Bar and on into Wax Factor.


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Bubble Kitschen

Posted by Sara on March 8, 2009

08.03.2009 Bubble Kitschen, Kensington Gardens, Brighton.

bubble-kitschen1Jubilee Library have emailed to say my Reserved Item (Teatro Grottesco by Thomas Ligotti) is now up for grabs so we hastily make our way over to the literary side of town, deciding to stop for a bite to eat along away. Bubble Kitschen is a small family run café tucked away in the Lanes and specialises in home cooked, organic food, with a range of luncheon treats and all day breakfasts on offer. This being The Lanes, breakfast won’t come cheap but their prices seem reasonable and there is a good selection to choose from.

The seating area is tiny so there’s a fair bit of “excuse me” and “how do you do dahs” going on as we circumnavigate our way around tables, chairs and fellow diners to reach the counter to order, but, once safely ensconced in our big wood chairs at a nice table by the window, the congenial atmosphere, helped along by the muted 50’s rock ‘n’ roll playing in the background, makes it easy to relax.

I’ve ordered the Vegetarian breakfast with coffee and D the Full English with rooibos tea. Both breakfasts are priced at £5.95 and drinks are extra. Though the inside is small, it’s cheerful and fun, with a bright turquoise blue interior and chalked up menus on the walls, complemented by dark blue and white polka dotted table clothes and an array of oddments strung up around the windows.

We particularly liked the circular bookcase that doubles as a table, and has a secret drawer for secret messages (not so secret now I guess) – where an interesting assortment of annuals, including 1980’s Happy Days and The Monkees, vie for space alongside a collection of well thumbed Pan Paperback and New English Library editions of The Sweeny and The Prisoner.

Food arrives within 10 minutes or so and we tuck in. The plates are big and so are the portions. Both breakfasts consist of one egg, sausage, bacon, mushrooms, bubble and squeak, tomatoes, beans and toast, though obviously the vegetarian has veggie bacon and sausage. Condiments on offer are ketchup, Brown sauce (Daddies) and Coleman’s mustard.

Bubble Full English

Bubble Full English

There is a comforting home grown flavour to the food; I thought the tomatoes were particularly flavourful compared to many cafes, likewise the bubble and squeak was very potatoey tasting and had a nice texture – I’m never actually sure what bubble and squeak is meant to taste like but this one at least tasted of something, which is more than I can say for most. The sausages are from the Brighton Sausage company and both were delicious. On the down side I would have liked the food a little warmer, particularly the beans, and the eggs tasted delicious, but they looked a bit weird. D said the bacon was the best he has ever tasted (I think he’s said that a few times before…) and the coffee and tea were excellent.

Service was laid back and friendly and the toilets, though small, are perfectly formed. There are even organicy, environmentally friendly looking complimentary nappies available in the ladies, which is a thoughtful touch. (No, I don’t have kids and have no idea what environmentally friendly nappies look like but I reckon they look like these did).

Bubble Kitschen

Bubble Kitschen


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Figaro’s Cafe

Posted by Sara on February 1, 2009

10.01.2009 Figaro’s Cafe, Georges Street, Brighton


This ones going to be short and savoury as I am rather tardily writing this a few weeks after the event. Figaro’s is a straight out of the 70’s ‘caff’ in kemp town we have frequented many times over the years. Tucked away on Georges street, this is a rather attractive looking eatery with a charming bay windowed frontage; inside is cosy and homely with plenty of seating, including sofas and armchairs for extra relaxation as well as additional seating along the main window if you fancy watching the world go by as you eat. There are some newspapers available for the more literary inclined; though when we visited last weeks metro was the most high brow tabloid available. There is one toilet through a beaded curtain, which has certainly seen more beaded days, but the toilet itself is clean, functional and with a working lock.


 Today we were joined by Lee, friend of Thee Nook and fellow food critic extraordinaire. We were all feeling a little fragile from the night before so two of us opted for the smaller breakfasts, which are great value for £3 – £3.50, with bread slice or toast, while Dan chose the omelette. There are plenty of bigger breakfasts on offer as well as a range of other cafe type fare such as jacket potatoes and roast dinners. Coffee and tea costs extra but are reasonably priced and the coffee is delicious.

Figaro's no 5

Figaro's no 5 with black pudding

Breakfast arrived on bright blue china that blended beautifully with the orange tablecloths. The food itself was not the most attractive looking of fare but we weren’t there to stare and it tasted just dandy- though we had to wait a bit for the omelette. Lee gave his a 9/10, and mine wasn’t half bad either. We all thought the omelette looked worth the wait and Dan confirmed it tasted pretty good too. Condiments on offer were Lidl ketchup, brown sauce, and salad cream – cheap but adequate none the less, providing just the right balance of flavour to an excellent budget breakfast.

Figaro's small vegatarian

Figaro's small vegetarian

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Billies Café

Posted by Sara on January 5, 2009

03.01.2009 Billies Café, Hampton place, Brighton

Hung over and back in town after a rather overindulgent festive holiday we take one look at the solitary grapefruit lying forlorn and mouldy in the fridge and decide some proper comfort food is in order. Gratefully casting aside any misguided and hastily conceived New Years resolutions to avoid overly calorific fare, we head off to one of our favourite local eateries, Billies Café on Hampton Place.

Billies is a very popular local café whose specialty is their hash breakfasts. No, not the kind you would expect from a café in Amsterdam but the sort made from crispy golden fried potatoes. There are a variety of these on offer, from the traditional Farmhouse hash to the more exotic sounding Mexican salsa with avocado. They also serve a range of cooked breakfasts and other luncheon dishes and, despite being a little off the beaten track, are understandably usually very busy.

Billies Cafe

Billies Cafe

Stepping through a big blue door we find ourselves a table by the window with a rather nice view over Upper North and Montpelier street. The eating area in Billies is best described as corner shaped, flanked by large windows that today bathe the place in welcoming sunshine. It’s quite small and can get busy, particularly on Sundays. To the left of us is an attractively mosaiced open plan kitchenette / serving area next to a narrow set of stairs leading to the main kitchen and toilets. The far wall is decorated with an exhibition featuring Havana style photographs of classic cars and snapshots of scenes from a Cuban-esque looking city. There is a rack for newspapers but today only contains some out of date local magazines so best to bring your own if you like to read while you eat. Service is good and the staff are always polite and friendly.

We both order a hash specialty; I have the Vegetarian and D the Farmhouse special. Both cost £6.50 without any extras but you won’t need any as the portions are huge. For us, the hash is the best thing on offer because it’s the kind of dish you couldn’t make yourself with ease and is a sort of masterwork on it’s own terms, having nothing of the same species in Brighton that we’ve come across as a contender.

Billies Breakfast Hash

Billies Breakfast Hash

We also order a double espresso (£1.80) and Bakewell Tart flavoured milkshake (£2.90). The coffee’s good and strong and the milkshake thick and garish pink. I loved its taste but D found it a bit too amaretto for his liking and was ruing his decision not to order the peanut butter flavoured one.

Breakfast soon arrives on piping hot plates and is just what the New Year’s doctor ordered. The vegetarian option is a gourmet cornucopia of fried potatoes, onions, sweet corn, mushroom, tomatoes, beans and veggie sausage – topped off with a fried egg and a generous dollop of melted cheese. The Farmhouse is a fabulous feast of similar ilk but with added meaty bits of bacon and sausage. Condiments on offer are HP and Heinz ketchup. Taking our time we tuck in; it’s a challenge polishing off our plates but the food’s just too delicious to leave behind. This is a seriously big breakfast that will set anyone up for the day.

On a more sombre note, as we head back down Hampton Place toward Western Road, we pass some floral tributes left by the spot where local resident, Stuart Slade was tragically murdered just a few days ago. Our thoughts go out to his friends and family at this difficult time.

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Brown Sugar Cafe

Posted by Sara on December 13, 2008

04.12.2008 Brown Sugar Café, Western road, Brighton

bsugarIt’s Thursday, it’s pouring with rain and we’ve been meeting with managing agents and fellow freeholders all morning over painting the house. There’s only one thing for it – you guessed it – another fried feast beckons. This time we have chosen the rather charmingly named Brown Sugar Café on Western Road.

First impressions are good – solid wooden tables lined with antique church chairs lend the place a continental air while the back wall lined with band posters and a rather fabulous ship figurehead in the corner, with lots of freebie Brighton mags and fliers scattered about, provide some quaint studenty touches. There are a range of different breakfasts on offer, all attractively written up in chalk along the wall.

I had the vegetarian no.1. Two fried eggs, 1 sausage, bubble and squeak, beans, mushrooms, toast and coffee all for £4.95. D had the non veg option consisting of 1 egg, bacon, black pudding (instead of sausage), beans, tomato, fried potatoes, mushrooms, tea and toast – again for £4.95.

Veggie breakfast no1

Veggie breakfast no1

The food arrived quick on chunky white china and all in all was pretty good. The portions were good though I think I would have preferred fewer beans and the bubble and squeak didn’t really taste of much (but when does it ever). Loved the coffee and the eggs were cooked perfect. The fried potatoes were an interesting alternative to chips and I thought they were delicious. D said the bacon, which he is not normally a fan of, was particularly good. The sauce was a bit overly concentrated, a bit like ketchup cordial – so drive easy with it.

Breakfast no.1

Breakfast no.1

Service was friendly and Guns and Roses were playing in the background. Due to a damp, stressful morning neither of us was in the best of moods but breakfast at Brown Sugar café soon perked us up and all for under £10.

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Belchers cafe

Posted by Sara on November 29, 2008

23.11.2008: Belchers Café, 9 Montpelier rd, Brighton

It’s been pouring with rain all morning and the only thing that’s going to get us out the house today is the promise of a juicy, fat fry up. Buried within the backstreets behind the west pier, on the corner of Montpelier rd and Sillwood st, Belchers looks exactly the kind of café that delivers on its promises. As we approach a welcoming glow greets us through the net curtained, steamed up windows and inside is warm and welcoming.

There is a good selection of breakfasts on offer. We place our orders at the counter and make our way to the table by the window. The décor is tradition café style with wood panelled walls, lino floor, menus on the walls and a community notice board. A lady bird theme brightens the tone with a cute lady bug wind chime on the door matching the brightly coloured plastic table covers. A table in the corner brims with local papers and information as well as a pile of thriller / horror books – just the right reading for a leisurely breakfast.

I ordered the Veggie breakfast with 1 fried egg, 2 veggie sausages, beans, tomato and fried slice. This costs £4 and coffee and a slice of bread and butter is included in the price. D had the Big Breakfast. This costs £6.25 and comprises of 2 fried eggs, 2 sausages, beans, bacon, tomato, chips, fried slice, bread and butter and a mug of tea or coffee.

Belchers Big Breakfast

Belchers Big Breakfast

Breakfast arrived quick and was just what we had hoped for. The food was all good quality with generous portions. The tomatoes were freshly grilled not tinned and the eggs were cooked just right, not too over done and just runny enough. The Big Breakfast was huge and everything seemed buried under a mound of chips, which was a good thing as they tasted delicious. D had been looking forward to the £4 breakfast and had felt a bit hard done by on noticing the Big breakfast included chips on the board. Risking getting less of all on the plate he went for it and says it was the sort of thing you wouldn’t have thought about raising an eyebrow over if it had been billed the £8 mega-pig-buster or somesuch. Sauces were top brands- Heinz and hp.

The coffee was strong and served in a mug, as was the tea. There was no background music and the café was quiet, making breakfast a refreshingly restful affair as all we could hear was the rain pouring down outside. Not the prettiest named cafe in town but we will definitely be coming back for more.

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The Cafe Royale

Posted by Sara on November 22, 2008

15.11.2008: The Café Royale, Preston st, Brighton


Cafe Royale

We’ve been here a fair few times and have never been disappointed. Today I had the all day veggie breakfast comprising of scrambled egg (from a choice of 2 fried eggs or scrambled), 2 veggie sausages, mushrooms, hash browns (from a choice of hash browns or fries) and grilled tomatoes (instead of beans). This was served with two slices of buttered toast and a coffee at a cost of £6.95.

The coffee comes in a small mug, without refill, and is hot, fresh and filtered. The breakfast was very good, especially the eggs, with good size portions. I wasn’t too keen on the veggie sausages as I personally prefer my veggie sausages to at least make some attempt at pretending to be meat whereas these were something else entirely – they reminded me of the potato bakes we used to buy at Somerfields but the Other Half loved them.

(He had the cheese omelette with fries and a cup of tea for £6.75 and says the chips were nice, fat and golden tasting and the omelette was cooked just right. He was however enviously eyeing someone else’s Full English breakfast with chips, which may be the way to go for meat eaters).

veggie breakfast

veggie breakfast

The service was friendly, but a little slow, though the place was busy as it was Saturday lunchtime. The music was muted, we could just make out Spandau Ballet’s ‘True’ playing in the background and there are toilets. We both like the décor; an assortment of tiffany lighting, random nic nacs and paintings mixed together with a touch of regency styling. I had a statue of a waiter in front of me and his foot in front of my mouth and I felt like I ought to kiss his little stone shoes as a sort of thank you every now and then.

Overall a rather convivial, if a tad expensive, breakfast- though since there is also a bar and lots of other meals on offer this remains a popular venue for tourists and shoppers alike.

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