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V Bites

Posted by Sara on September 1, 2009

29/08/2009 V Bites Cafe, Hove Lagoon BN3 4LX

VBitesSince the untimely demise of my fave vegan cafe on North St last year, I have been on the look out for a  soyatastic breakfast replacement, so it was with some sense of anticipation I made the (very long) trek down to Hove Lagoon to check out Heather Mills’ new venture and whether it lived up to the hype. Situated right near the sea front in the middle of not very much at all, flanked by a skate park and paddling pool, this looks a prime location to cash in on on hungry families out for the day and it certainly was very busy by the time we arrived.

Inside is bustling. There was nowhere to sit by the bar or in the small front seating area so we moved to the back where we were able to perch ourselves around the sushi style counter, apon which an endless procession of not so yummy looking cup cakes and flapjacks rotated throughout our meal. There is also additional seating outside but today was not a day for alfresco dining.  However the doors to the front and back were in constant use by staff and punters alike so we might well have been outside as the wind rattled across the cafe through my poor beleaguered bones- it was freezing!


Despite our best efforts to brave the long cold trek across Hove we were too tardy for a fry up, since Breakfast is only served till 11.30am,  so we ordered burgers instead. I had the Soya Cheese and bacon burger and D the Soya Nacho burger, complete with taco chips and guacomole. We also get a side order of fries to share with a ginger ale and Vanilla soya shake to drink.  There’s lots of other veggie treats on offer and to look at the rest of the menu click here.

Service was excellent – the staff are all very friendly and, despite the place being incredibly busy, we did not have to wait too long for our food. Food wise however the reviews are mixed – D loved his taco guacomole whereas my burger didn’t taste of anything much and felt kind of dry. I tarted it up with some of the condiments on offer and though the vegan mustard was delicious the mayonnaise tasted of nothing at all and had the consistency of seagull poo (but well done to anyone attempting to make vegan mayonnaise). The fries were ok – again D found them delicious but to me they weren’t hot enough and tasted a bit like oven chips.

soyacheesybaconThe food’s not cheap either – our meal comes to £17.50 for two burgers, one portion of fries and a couple of drinks and for that price I would expect a little more restaurant and a little less cheap n chilly seaside cafe.  So overall our opinions are mixed – while it’s great to have someone brave enough to open an all vegan eaterie I just don’t think the venue is quite up to the price and the food could be a little more flavourful.

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