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First aid for bees

Posted by Sara on July 9, 2009

Bumble bees are amazing creatures and with their gentle buzzing and bumbling flight they epitomise all that’s great about long lazy summers. Best of all they make honey! They are also incredibly important to our ecosystem and unfortunately are in dramatic decline. So every bee counts.

During the summer it’s not unusual to come across a grounded bee that’s been caught out by a cold spell or sudden down pour (like the one I found in our road, below, following last tuesday’s torrential rain) – sometimes they are so busy working they forget to drink and just end up exhausting themselves. If you come across such a bee in distress don’t walk away! Use a piece a card to pick her up and move her somewhere safe where she won’t get stepped on.

move the bee somewhere safe so it won't get stepped on

move the bee somewhere safe so she won't get stepped on

Bees need energy and warmth to fly so find somewhere sunny where he / she will be able to warm up and if possible leave some food nearby for her to feed on. Honey / water solution is best but sugar will do in a pinch. If the weather’s really bad or if it’s getting dark it may be possible to keep her overnight provided you feed her.

some honey and warmth will get them back to normal in no time!

some honey and warmth will get them back to normal in no time!

Remember Рby saving a Queen you may well be saving the whole nest! And without bees there would be nothing to pollinate our crops and other plants and the human race would die off in 7 years.

Find out more about these amazing, gentle creatures and how to encourage them into your garden here.

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