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Ditchling Road / Oxford Place

Posted by Sara on July 1, 2009


Some great stuff being done round the old Buxtons building at the moment. It’s too good for my ailing camera and the failing summer light to do justice to so go check it out for yourselves  – and all done by  the same bloke no less – imagine having a whole street to yourself to paint. Amazing.

oxford place




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100 Reasons to Love the Seaside

Posted by Sara on July 1, 2009

Number One: The Sea!

nowyouseameAre we really only halfway through the week? The weekend seems so far away…. Last Saturday marked my first swim in the ocean this year (though I’m using the term loosely here- spluttering around trying not to swallow too much sea water more like) and it was wonderful, here’s hoping for a long hot summer (and I wonder how many of us are seriously considering throwing a sickie tomorrow…..)

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