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What if?

Posted by Sara on June 8, 2009


From 5th – 11th June, Victoria Gardens has become home to a 700 tree temporary forest called the Walking Woods. Designed by students from Brighton University, as part of a South East England Development Agency project called Places from Spaces, the week-long ‘new look’ aims to transform this under used piece of green in order to encourage new ways of design thinking for urban spaces – in particular the bits of green that go to make Brighton’s Valley gardens.

As well as loads of lovely new trees to enjoy there are four other designs to look over and a questionnaire for feedback. Personally I loved all the trees -they really changed a boring old  patch of grass into somewhere much more intimate and appealing to use – trees are great for sitting under after all. The other designs all looked interesting and seemed to involve lots of wibbly wobbly tram lines – I’ve never been good at visualising these things and I wonder if all the trees were just a means of disguising more ugly plans for modernisation. Who knows? Go and find out and vote for yourselves.


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