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Bathroom DIY

Posted by Sara on April 26, 2009

This year I learnt how to put tiles on a wall. It was much more fun than I expected and I’m petty chuffed with the results, although – as with any of my DIY projects – it seemed to take weeks longer than it should have done!

Here’s the before:


And here’s the after:

room11The sink? We bought her for £12 at the Brighton boot fair, she’s old and still beautiful. I rather fancy she’s haunted – imagine, a haunted sink! Alas there have been no mysterious midnight mutterings emerging from the pipe work as yet.

sinksideThe stand cost a little more but is worth every penny, it was custom made and fitted by the lovely Alan from Anvil Ironworks. Anvil are a small group of Brighton based artist blacksmiths who specialise in hand crafted contemporary and traditional metalwork. Check out the web page, the sculptures are amazing. The tiles come from The Tile Depot.



3 Responses to “Bathroom DIY”

  1. bathe said

    I love your haunted sink, curly metal work and use of colour! Happy bathing… from a bathing enthusiastic who found your post at the Dashboard 🙂

  2. theenook said

    thank you! and please pop by again soon

  3. daveavenue said

    wow- the whole box of crayola is on your walls. looks nice (esp the sink) but i would hesitate to tinker with a haunted sing should it become clogged.

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