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Posted by Sara on March 29, 2009


Spring is definitely here! Went for a quick walk along the beach today and was delighted to hear the haunting strains of the Victorian organ accompanying Brighton’s beautiful Electric Golden Gallopers.


But I, being poor, have only my dreams;

I have spread my dreams under your feet;

Tread softly because you tread on my dreams.

W.B Yeats

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The Rock Ola

Posted by Sara on March 29, 2009

28.03.2009 Rock Ola Cafe, Tidy Street, Brighton.

roknroll1 This is our third visit to this café in the last year and it never disappoints. The Rock Ola café is a family run affair tucked away on Tidy street , just round the back of the North Laines . As you’d expect from the name, there is a distinct 50’s flair to the interior; from the retro ‘Diner Style’ Formica tables with pastel pink and blue leatherette stools to the beautiful old juke box that still works and is free to use.

rocintThe brightly painted walls are a treasure trove of Rock’n’Roll memorabilia and assorted oddments, including a framed screengrab of PJ Proby and a signed Kate Bush album, rather incongruously positioned on a wall covered by Beatle portraits and a Sergeant Pepper poster; though on reflection the thematic mismatch of Bush and Celine Dion, mixed in with Buddy Holly and Elvis, makes the place more genuine than most 50’s diners you get.

insideroc I ordered the Vegetarian Breakfast, an all day affair comprising of egg, veggie burger (or veggie bacon) hash browns (or fries) tomato (or beans) sausage and toast, at £4.95. D had the All Day American; a transatlantic combination of sweet and savoury with 2x egg, 2x bacon, sausage, 2 pattie burgers, tomato and buttermilk pancakes with maple syrup, all for £5.95. We also opted for an extra side order of cheesy chips.

rockolamerican Service is friendly and though the food takes a little while to show, it’s good to know it’s  freshly cooked.  Breakfast looks good, perfectly presented on multi-coloured plates; piping hot and delicious. The hash browns let the side down a bit, as they obviously came out of a packet but they tasted ok and the eggs were cooked perfect. Toast was just how I like it; chunky, white and dripping in butter.The cheesy chips were a treat too. Thick and hot and smothered in luscious dripping cheddar.

rockveggieAs well as Breakfasts served all day, including a Vegan option, Rock Ola offers a variety of sandwiches, sweets and lunchtime treats. Specials today were Soup of the Day with bread and butter for £3.50 and Chicken casserole with potatoes and veg for £5.95. Drinks are all the usual, including a yummy range of milk shakes and the special homemade pink lemonade, which is delicious.

There is constant supply of some great rock and roll adding to the ambience. One other cool thing about this place is you don’t even need to leave to get to the best of Brighton’s record / book stores, as there’s a doorway, aptly called Rock ‘n’ Roll Alley, to the left of the seating area, that leads you straight to The Singles Bar and on into Wax Factor.


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