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Posted by Sara on March 15, 2009

Been taking it easy this weekend; just meandering around in the sun, enjoying the weather and local art. This stuff is from the Kensington St, North Laines area and is amazing….






This next one’s from Circus St….


And this from Cranks DIY Cycle shop, Chapel St…


2 Responses to “and then some……”

  1. daveavenue said

    i had no idea that brighton had such a large tagging scene (graffiti, urban art, etc) until i wandered around kensington and saw the stunning james brown wall and run DMC playing chess, etc. i come from a large & decrepit urban centre (detroit) where everything was tagged but on a much smaller scale.


  2. theenook said

    They’re great aren’t they? My favourite’s Run DMC I think.

    And thanks for visiting and leaving a comment, I’ve been having a lot of fun reading your blog – I particularly enjoyed your post on Hove and Jubilee libraries. I agree Hove is a beautiful building, though I don’t get there much, and, although I’m a big fan of Jubilee library, I thought your point’s were spot on!

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