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The Day

Posted by Sara on February 13, 2009

Upon a Sunday in June just gone,


Such good fortune came along,


Abundant pleasures filled my day,


Before I had a thing to say,


I walked a busy river bank,


Feeding birds who offered thanks,


I drunk ale in ancient inns,


With old soaks and wooden beams,


I took in Georgian squares and lanes,


And decommissioned old steam trains,


I had tea and walnut cake,


And frolicked on a boating lake,


I ate rare beef and crispy spuds,


Then washed roasting tins in suds,


Before laying down upon my bed,


And asking myself:


What have I achieved? 

by Dominic.






2 Responses to “The Day”

  1. ggw_bach said

    lovely pic, and lovely words.

    thanks for sharing.

    the day will come when we all ask –

    ” What have I achieved? “

  2. theenook said

    thank you, when I read through this poem I thought that perhaps the most any of us should wish for is to achieve a life full of special memories.

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