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Figaro’s Cafe

Posted by Sara on February 1, 2009

10.01.2009 Figaro’s Cafe, Georges Street, Brighton


This ones going to be short and savoury as I am rather tardily writing this a few weeks after the event. Figaro’s is a straight out of the 70’s ‘caff’ in kemp town we have frequented many times over the years. Tucked away on Georges street, this is a rather attractive looking eatery with a charming bay windowed frontage; inside is cosy and homely with plenty of seating, including sofas and armchairs for extra relaxation as well as additional seating along the main window if you fancy watching the world go by as you eat. There are some newspapers available for the more literary inclined; though when we visited last weeks metro was the most high brow tabloid available. There is one toilet through a beaded curtain, which has certainly seen more beaded days, but the toilet itself is clean, functional and with a working lock.


 Today we were joined by Lee, friend of Thee Nook and fellow food critic extraordinaire. We were all feeling a little fragile from the night before so two of us opted for the smaller breakfasts, which are great value for £3 – £3.50, with bread slice or toast, while Dan chose the omelette. There are plenty of bigger breakfasts on offer as well as a range of other cafe type fare such as jacket potatoes and roast dinners. Coffee and tea costs extra but are reasonably priced and the coffee is delicious.

Figaro's no 5

Figaro's no 5 with black pudding

Breakfast arrived on bright blue china that blended beautifully with the orange tablecloths. The food itself was not the most attractive looking of fare but we weren’t there to stare and it tasted just dandy- though we had to wait a bit for the omelette. Lee gave his a 9/10, and mine wasn’t half bad either. We all thought the omelette looked worth the wait and Dan confirmed it tasted pretty good too. Condiments on offer were Lidl ketchup, brown sauce, and salad cream – cheap but adequate none the less, providing just the right balance of flavour to an excellent budget breakfast.

Figaro's small vegatarian

Figaro's small vegetarian

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