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Posted by Sara on January 25, 2009

There’s two tasty titbits of verse for the price of one this week, both courtesy of our rhymer in residence, Dominic.

The morning

The morning comes and takes its place,

Then asks us all to rise,

To work and not a moments haste,

This comes as no surprise,

For yesterday it was the same,

And the day before,

Tomorrow it will come again,

And then for evermore,

Yet each time I crave my bed,

Not the morning rush,

Surrounded by the living dead,

All sitting in a hush,

But if I try and sleep all day,

My job will be at risk,

I’ll see an end to steady pay,

And find myself dismissed,

So I must accept my fate,

Go off to wash and dress,

Leave the house before I’m late,

Along with all the rest.

city morning sky

city morning sky


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