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The Goblin

Posted by Sara on January 24, 2009

The Goblin

In the Forest of Dean,

There’s a goblin in a dress,

And spies a young temptress,

To whom he can be mean,

See our goblin wants lunch,

Yet he’s struggling to live,

He seeks out those who’ll give,

And with her he has a hunch,

He asks “Please share your fare,

Lay it out on the grass,

Give me wine by the glass,

And prepare it with care.”

She doesn’t like his tone,

Given the state of play,

She wished he’d go away,

“Please listen and don’t moan,

I have such modest means,

My looks are all I have,

I rarely even bath,

And live off cans of beans.”

At this he gasps in awe,

And takes a step back twice,

“You’ll pay a heavy price,

You cursed whore.”

“A whore is what you say,

Then you’ll get no blooming grub,

Hike now and find a pub,

And be ready to pay.”

At this he’s had enough,

He takes out his large stick,

And says “take this you prick”

By now the Goblin’s grough.

And with that the blows come,

She can’t defend herself,

And falls beneath the shelves,

And with that the Goblin’s gone.

By Dominic.


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