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Burning the Clocks 2008

Posted by Sara on December 22, 2008

Same Sky

Same Sky

Sunday 21st December – To celebrate the shortest day we head down to the lanes to catch the start of the Burning the Clocks. This is a very popular annual event in Brighton and features a fantastic array of handmade paper and willow lanterns that are paraded through the city and culminates in them all being burnt on the beach as part of a huge bonfire and firework display as a token to mark the end of the year.

This is the fifteenth year for the Burning of the clocks and it’s a special one for organizers Same Sky as it is their 21st birthday.

funny clock

funny clock

samba-manWe catch the beginning of the parade up near Ship street and, helped along by at least three samba bands and some great acrobatic dancers, we follow the procession as it slowly snakes its way through the narrow streets down to the beach. On the seafront off Madeira drive a huge clock shaped pyre beckons and there is much merriment and dancing around.

Those of us too slovenly to make a lantern this year aren’t left out as there are lots of nice men wheeling shopping trolleys full of fluorescent light sabers we can buy to wave around and look silly with.

elephants never forget

elephants never forget

This is a very popular event and with a crowd of 20 thousand in attendance we decide to chow on some hot chestnuts and wander back to watch the fireworks from the pier. Each lamp is hand made and as they are thrown into the fire the lantern bearers make wishes for the coming year. A firework display on the beach marks the end of the event. The perfect antidote to a consumer led Christmas and very magical way to greet the solstice.


happy solstice!!

happy solstice!!

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