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Brown Sugar Cafe

Posted by Sara on December 13, 2008

04.12.2008 Brown Sugar Café, Western road, Brighton

bsugarIt’s Thursday, it’s pouring with rain and we’ve been meeting with managing agents and fellow freeholders all morning over painting the house. There’s only one thing for it – you guessed it – another fried feast beckons. This time we have chosen the rather charmingly named Brown Sugar Café on Western Road.

First impressions are good – solid wooden tables lined with antique church chairs lend the place a continental air while the back wall lined with band posters and a rather fabulous ship figurehead in the corner, with lots of freebie Brighton mags and fliers scattered about, provide some quaint studenty touches. There are a range of different breakfasts on offer, all attractively written up in chalk along the wall.

I had the vegetarian no.1. Two fried eggs, 1 sausage, bubble and squeak, beans, mushrooms, toast and coffee all for £4.95. D had the non veg option consisting of 1 egg, bacon, black pudding (instead of sausage), beans, tomato, fried potatoes, mushrooms, tea and toast – again for £4.95.

Veggie breakfast no1

Veggie breakfast no1

The food arrived quick on chunky white china and all in all was pretty good. The portions were good though I think I would have preferred fewer beans and the bubble and squeak didn’t really taste of much (but when does it ever). Loved the coffee and the eggs were cooked perfect. The fried potatoes were an interesting alternative to chips and I thought they were delicious. D said the bacon, which he is not normally a fan of, was particularly good. The sauce was a bit overly concentrated, a bit like ketchup cordial – so drive easy with it.

Breakfast no.1

Breakfast no.1

Service was friendly and Guns and Roses were playing in the background. Due to a damp, stressful morning neither of us was in the best of moods but breakfast at Brown Sugar café soon perked us up and all for under £10.

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