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Belchers cafe

Posted by Sara on November 29, 2008

23.11.2008: Belchers Café, 9 Montpelier rd, Brighton

It’s been pouring with rain all morning and the only thing that’s going to get us out the house today is the promise of a juicy, fat fry up. Buried within the backstreets behind the west pier, on the corner of Montpelier rd and Sillwood st, Belchers looks exactly the kind of café that delivers on its promises. As we approach a welcoming glow greets us through the net curtained, steamed up windows and inside is warm and welcoming.

There is a good selection of breakfasts on offer. We place our orders at the counter and make our way to the table by the window. The décor is tradition café style with wood panelled walls, lino floor, menus on the walls and a community notice board. A lady bird theme brightens the tone with a cute lady bug wind chime on the door matching the brightly coloured plastic table covers. A table in the corner brims with local papers and information as well as a pile of thriller / horror books – just the right reading for a leisurely breakfast.

I ordered the Veggie breakfast with 1 fried egg, 2 veggie sausages, beans, tomato and fried slice. This costs £4 and coffee and a slice of bread and butter is included in the price. D had the Big Breakfast. This costs £6.25 and comprises of 2 fried eggs, 2 sausages, beans, bacon, tomato, chips, fried slice, bread and butter and a mug of tea or coffee.

Belchers Big Breakfast

Belchers Big Breakfast

Breakfast arrived quick and was just what we had hoped for. The food was all good quality with generous portions. The tomatoes were freshly grilled not tinned and the eggs were cooked just right, not too over done and just runny enough. The Big Breakfast was huge and everything seemed buried under a mound of chips, which was a good thing as they tasted delicious. D had been looking forward to the £4 breakfast and had felt a bit hard done by on noticing the Big breakfast included chips on the board. Risking getting less of all on the plate he went for it and says it was the sort of thing you wouldn’t have thought about raising an eyebrow over if it had been billed the £8 mega-pig-buster or somesuch. Sauces were top brands- Heinz and hp.

The coffee was strong and served in a mug, as was the tea. There was no background music and the café was quiet, making breakfast a refreshingly restful affair as all we could hear was the rain pouring down outside. Not the prettiest named cafe in town but we will definitely be coming back for more.

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