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The Lit Lit Trail

Posted by Sara on November 23, 2008

Clock Tower - Toxic Love

Clock Tower - Toxic Love

Lit Lit Trail

What did we do with the extra hour when the clocks went back this autumn? We went for a walk of course, courtesy of the very first White Night in Brighton and Hove. The Lit Lit tour was part of a series of events being held across Brighton to mark the end of British Summer Time and promised to be a ‘trip through the city’s psyche, geography and history at night through 11 revelations’. We met outside the library in Jubilee square at Midnight and from there a group of about thirty of us followed our guide to specific locations across Brighton.

The theme of the evening was Love and each location had been chosen for a specific story it could tell. The Clock Tower, pictured above, was the location for the scenario entitled Toxic Love; for it was near here, in a sweet shop in West street, that Christiana Edmund bought the sweets she laced with poison in order to win the love of the handsome Dr Beard.

Each location had been illuminated to match the story and the effects, from the deep pink bejewelled town hall pictured below (which I thought featured the most movingly poignant story) to the more subdued but incredibly evocative candle lit grave in St Nicholas’ churchyard, were dazzling. All in all the walk was an amazing experience; not least due to the story telling skills of our guide who really brought the tales to life, despite the many interruptions from puzzled drunks and passers by!

Town Hall - Everlasting Love

Town Hall - Everlasting Love

For more info check out http://whitenightbrightonandhove.com/

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