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Ia! Ia! Cthulhu fhtagn!

Posted by Sara on November 14, 2008


Or does he? Looks from this photo it’s only a matter of time before all of humanity becomes enslaved. Crikey – it’s a good thing we’re pals…..

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Lost bird

Posted by Sara on November 14, 2008

Lost Bird

What a palava! I’m sure every bird owner says to themselves, this would never happen to me, but last Saturday it did. Left the door open to freshen the flat up a bit and completely forgot to close it when I went to feed the birds. As I opened their cage one of our cockatiels (Al – the smaller grumpy one) flew right past me, straight out the door and up into the wide world beyond. Recovering from the initial shock I legged it up the road and followed his screeching as far as Western Road, where he was perched on a window sill on the top floor of the flats near Sainsbury’s. A concerned passer by informed me the noises he was making were as a result of fear before wishing me luck with catching him. Just then a tattooed arm emerged from the window of the sill he was on and made an attempt to catch him but he flew off again…. I followed him up the hill but lost him somewhere behind the car park in hampton place and could hear his screeching no more…… That’s it I thought, the seagulls will get him for sure. I went home, called the RSPCA and spoke to a very understanding man called Tim, who advised me to leave his cage out by an open window as birds often come back of their own accord. I wasn’t too hopeful but I couldn’t stay in so I went out looking again, and though I spotted a lot of pigeons and seagulls I couldn’t see or hear our bird anywhere. Dejected I gave up and went home.It was already getting dark and I was sure Al was destined for that great big cockatiel perch in the sky.


When I got home I hastily made up some posters asking people to contact me if they had seen him anywhere and was just about to go out again when the phone rang – it was Tim from the RSPCA and had I reported a missing cockatiel? Well he was sitting right next to him! A lady had found him, tired and confused in the St Mary Magdalen church and had driven him over to the RSPCA shelter in Patcham. He was a bit concussed, they believed, as he was very quiet and subdued, but otherwise he seemed none the worse and I could come over and collect him straight away. One taxi ride over to Patcham later and he was soon back home, reunited with his brother and up to his old tricks of hissing and biting anyone who comes near. I said he was a grumpy bird but we wouldn’t change him for anything and I am very grateful to the kind lady who rescued him and to the RSPCA. Thank you!

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The Sewer Tour

Posted by Sara on November 14, 2008


tunnel4On Saturday 27th September we went on a tour of the Victorian sewerage system of Brighton, organised by Southern Water. At 11am we met under the Palace Pier, outside Arch 260 and the group of about 15 of us were led into a small room where we were issued with passes, hard hats and gloves. After a short talk and video the tour started. We were led through a small underground tunnel into the first of the sewer chambers. The smell takes some getting used to – though as the 11am group we were told we had gotten off lightly and it was the 9am group who had suffered the full brunt of the Friday night / Saturday morning sewage aroma special. The sewers date back to the 1870’s and the architecture is amazing, comprising of cavernous underground brick work tunnels intercepted by chambers of various sizes. We were led deeper and deeper underground past rushing storm waters and through sewer shafts, some of which had been tagged by a well known Brazilian graffiti artist. After about an hour we climbed up a ladder to emerge above ground in the Old Steine. The guides were knowledgeable and informative and the sewers themselves are remarkable examples of engineering. For all you lovers of everything subterranean, Victorian and Gothic this is definitely a tour worth doing. For more information go to www.southernwater.co.uk


Bricked up tunnel

Bricked up tunnel


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